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Teams On Track is an HR platform that automates Payroll and core HR processes

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HR platform that automates core-HR processes and Payroll





















WHAT IS Teams On Track?

Teams On Track is an HR platform that automates Payroll and core HR processes - Online Payroll, Attendance, Leaves, To-dos, Expenses, Helpdesk, Employee, Engagement, EmployeeSelf Service.

    It is a cloud based service that is:

  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Intuitive to use
  • Customizable as per the organization's HR policies,
  • Affordable

It is based on multi-tenant architecture, ensuring that your data is private and protected with adequate workload balancers.

TeamNest is available on the browser as a web-based application, and on Android and iOS mobile phones as a native app

WHO IS Teams On Track FOR?

Small or medium sized organisations that have not adopted an ERP solution for managing HR. Our selfservice model takes care of the HR needs of your workforce. Let us take care of your team so that you can focus on what you do best. Partner with us today!

WHY Teams On Track?

A Self-Service model

Log on to our website, signup for your domain, setup your organization in minutes, and start using TeamNest right away!

Highly configurable

Powerful features that provides flexibility to customize the platform to match your organization's structure and policies.

Hyper growth segment

It focuses on the middle of the pyramid - SMEs that need an HR platform, but without the cost and hassle of large ERP applications

Elegant, Simple interface

Intuitive and easy to use platform with a seamless experience on web and on mobile.


It is industry and country agnostic, giving it access to a global audience

Value for money

A world-class HR Platform at an extremely attractive fee.