Benefits of Cloud Computing.
• No need to own expensive servers
• No need to own software
• All applications hosted in the secure cloud
• Redundancy in the cloud
• We Backup
• We Upgrade & Update
• We Customize
• Access securely from office / home /beach & anywhere on earth
• Pay only for what you use
• Scalable
• Automatically formatted for desktop, smart phones and tablets
• Economies of scale

GovOnTrack is the first cloud based suite of Software As A Service (SAAS) application designed exclusively for local government. With over 25 years of experience in serving municipalities, the GovOnTrack Team continues its pioneering work with a tightly integrated, easy to implement and use set of software applications that reside entirely in the cloud. 

No more headaches in maintaining expensive local hardware and networks.

Software delivered as a Service, with simple subscription pricing, and no long term commitments. 

City Softwares

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All you need is Internet Access on either a laptop or a desktop computer (Mac, Windows or Android), a tablet or a smartphone.Say yes today.... all you need is the willingness to change to reduce clutter, headaches, hardware, software and reduce your cost of operations.

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Admin Softwares


Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Alarm Billing
Animal Licenses
Budget Billing for UB
Building Permits
Business Licenses
Calls for Service



Cash Control
Cash Receipts
Code Enforcement
Computer Aided Dispatch
Customer Relationship
eBill & ePay
Electronic Funds Transfer
Financial Reporting


Fixed Assets
General Ledger
Handheld Meter Readers
Inventory Control
Jail Management
Land Management
Master Directory
Master Name Index
Meter Management



Municipal Court
Offense Reports
Project Accounting
Property Tax Billing
Purchase Orders
Records Management
Service Orders
Utility Billing